Just because characters haven’t been seen for a while doesn’t mean they’re not A.D. suspects in “Pretty Little Liars.” There are a few that stand out from the very beginning, including one of the Liars herself. Here’s a rundown of the four most likely suspects for Uber A, before “PLL season 7B premieres.

Aria Montgomery is a Liar

Of course, the Liar has to be the first. Aria has long been thought of as A and now A.D. There are a few reasons for this, with one of those being the fact that her name starts with an A. If that isn’t enough, she has a history of lying long before she had to, including to Ezra when they first met in the bar!

In fact, the whole Montgomery family could be in on it, and that could be why Byron and Ella really didn’t like Ezra—as a writer, he could have figured it all out. Ella has previous remarked how people aren’t dolls to play with and Emily’s mom never really “understood that family.”

Wren is the favorite 'Pretty Little Liars' suspect

Wren is certainly the favorite on the list. He is British (so was Elliott) and fans know very little about him. He has been around from day one, and always seems to be conveniently placed in Rosewood despite not longer being with Melissa Hastings. Is it possible that he knew all about Spencer and her family and just used Melissa to get close?

To top it off, Wren is a doctor.

He would be able to take action within a hospital or the mental institute without being noticed. He hasn’t been seen for a while, but he is coming back to “PLL” in the last 10 episodes.

Ali could be playing them all

Is it possible that Ali has been A.D. all along? Did she concoct the initial plan with Charlotte (Cece) to torment them at first?

Maybe Cece broke and Ali had to reveal herself to keep her brother/cousin on track. This could make sense if it wasn’t for the fact that Ali had been tormented in the most recent episodes. But then so has Aria, and fans still think that she is A.

Caleb is foiling their plans

Finally, the fourth main suspect is Caleb. Okay, so there are a few who suspect other boyfriends, but Caleb is the only one who hasn’t been used by Uber A in “Pretty Little Liars.” He was never a victim of Cece either.

Both Ezra and Toby have been considered in the past, and Toby even became one of A’s minions at a point.

Caleb would make a lot of sense. He could foil their plans with his smarts. He has also dated two of the Liars now, suggesting that he wants to remain close for a reason.

Who do you think Uber A is in “Pretty Little Liars"? Season 7B premieres this month, and A.D. will be revealed within the next 10 episodes.