"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 chapter will be closing soon but the mysteries are still piling up on top of each other. As of writing, there are only two unaired episodes left and the fans are hoping to see a happy ending, or at the very least, a decent closure soon. Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse were recently interviewed and the "PLL" actresses gave some the viewers some hints about the finale as well as a possible spin-off of the series. Sasha Pieterse, who plays the role of Alison DiLaurentis, coyly said that the possibilities are endless and encouraged the viewers to wait and hold on until the very end.

Shay Mitchell, who plays the role of Emily Fields, re-echoed her co-star's statement by saying that anything could happen in Rosewood. The two "Pretty Little Liars" actresses were spotted attending the launch of Warner Bros. "Pretty Little Liars: Made Here" exhibit in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Marlene King's plans

If there's someone who could determine the future of a "Pretty Little Liars" spinoff, Marlene King would be one of the most reliable sources. Working as the brain and executive producer behind "PLL," Marlene King has reportedly been hinting at a possible spin-off, too.

The long-running mystery-thriller has already stuck on the fans and viewers, giving them major sepanx as the end approaches.

There's still no clear and final details on the possible "Pretty Little Liars" spinoff, at least it's good to know that the cast and Marlene King are not shooting down the possibility.

What's going to happen to EmiSon?

The love story of Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis go a long way since season 1 and has been carefully unfolding in every "PLL" season.

Their relationship is the true epitome of friendship that turned into love, and now that Alison is carrying Emily's baby, the fans are crossing their fingers that they at least get a happy ending that they deserve.

Looking back, it was not a smooth ride for Emily and Alison. In fact, they have been in different relationships in the past, but at the end, they still ended up together.

The fans who have been rooting for EmiSon since season 1 were delighted to see the heartfelt picnic scene in the latest aired episode because it served as the culmination of everything that Emily and Alison have been through.

Amid the almost-happy ending, there's still a catch in Emily and Alison's relationship as they still don't know the identity of the father. However, Sasha Pieterse assured the fans that nothing is going to come between Emily and Alison, so that's a spoiler coming straight from a "PLL" cast member.