Hey. "Pretty Little Liars" fans. A couple of new spoiler teasers have been released for episode 18 of season 7. They sound really intense too as there's mention of all hell breaking loose at some point. Toby is going to return. A very horrific discovery will be made by Aria. The heat is going to get turned up on the girls by the Rosewood PD, and more. These spoilers come from Freeform's recent press release by way of Spoiler TV.

Choose or lose

To get things started, they let us know what the producers decided to title this installment. It's labeled, "Choose or Lose." In their main description, they made sure to point out that A.D.

is going to present the girls with a major choice to make. They put it in all capital letters which could mean that this particular storyline will get a lot of attention. At the very least, it's certainly going to be extremely pivotal.

They went on to elaborate on it a little more by explaining that this choice is going to get presented to the girls as a ploy by A.D. to potentially split them apart. Wow, what will this crazy choice be? Will A.D. actually be able to split the girls up? Those are the very important questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, they didn't reveal any more intel about it so we're going to have to wait until this episode airs to see how it plays out.

Face even more problems

Next, they revealed that the girls are going to face even more problems because the Rosewood Police are going to be looking to throw some major heat in their direction. This will cause their loved ones to try and band together even more. What kind of heat will the police bring to the mix? Will the girls be able to get out of whatever mess this is?

Hopefully this episode will give us some answers to these questions. It's also possible that we'll catch a glimpse of some of this action when Freeform releases the new preview clip for episode 18 later on tonight after episode 17 airs. You'll definitely want to be on the lookout for it.

Elsewhere in this installment, they revealed that a surprising source is going to arrive on the scene in response to Aria's recent collaboration with A.D.

The obvious question for this situation is who is this shocking source? They left us hanging when it comes to that important information. It's sure to give us some very intriguing scenes to look forward to.

Toby returns

Next, they mention that all hell is about to break loose at some point and that everyone will be trying to find some sort of happiness before it does. We're also going to see Toby return at some point. They didn't reveal why so that's definitely a question we'll be wanting to see get answered. Lastly, they revealed that we're going to see Aria stumble upon something that's extremely horrifying. What could it be? That is the burning question. We can confirm that episode 18 is due to air next Tuesday night, June 13, 2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.