Teen Wolf” might feature a familiar face in Season 6B of the MTV series. According to Christian Post, these speculations started when Colton Haynes posted on Tumblr about returning to a show he used to be in. The last of Jackson Whittemore, Haynes’ role, was seen in season 2. However, Stiles, who is portrayed by Dylan O’Brien, mentioned in season 3 that Jackson is in London.

Colton Haynes’ role is known as Lydia’s (Holland Roden) long time boyfriend before leaving Beacon Hills. His comeback would be nice, but we know nothing for sure especially now that Stiles and Lydia’s relationship seems to have leveled up after all they have been through.

Since Stiles was a kid, he always had the admiration for Lydia. Unfortunately, during the early days of their ordinary life where Lydia is not a Banshee yet, she was way too far from his reach. Moreover, she was with Jackson in her teenage years, known as the hottest captain of the Lacrosse team.

Will Stiles and Lydia be together in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6B?

During the first half of season 6, there have been emotional moments for “Stydia.” It can be recalled that Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack lost the memory of Stiles after he was taken by Ghost Riders of the wild hunt. To everyone’s surprise, Lydia knows someone is missing in her life.

Despite being the last person Stiles has been with, telling her “I love you” before he was taken, Lydia should not be remembering him afterward.

Therefore, they were able to establish a connection that not even The Wild Hunt can destroy. Lydia has no doubt played a huge part in bringing Stiles’ existence back to life.

On the other hand, possibilities of Stydia becoming an official couple or not remain unseen. But one can never deny the special feelings Lydia and Jackson still have for each other.

If Jackson opposes to Stydia in his potential return, viewers can look at a love triangle in the upcoming “Teen Wolf” season 6B.

Colton Haynes and his other roles

Haynes was also seen in early seasons of “Arrow.” He plays the role of Roy Harper aka Red Arrow. The 28-year-old actor recently came out as a gay, and many applaud for his courage to do it.

Even his former co-stars from the above-mentioned shows, though were surprised, were supportive of his coming out. Furthermore, other rumors suggest there may not be much of Stiles in “Teen Wolf” season 6B since Dylan O’Brien is working on much bigger projects. Watch out for more updates about this series.