Niantic continues to make significant changes to the "Pokemon GO" app. This time the company has updated the places where some common Pokemon are found. According to information revealed by a group of players who closely follow the movements made by Niantic, six species of the most common Pokemon in the areas of these egg pools have been eliminated from the game. "A lot of rare Pokemon are getting certain changes," said the players. A few months ago, Niantic made some changes to the egg pools, eliminating the Pokemon Pidgey and Rattata -- and later mixing the pools so that they are divided into different eggs, which can be hatched after walking certain distances.

Pokemon that will not be part of the pool anymore

The first creatures to be removed from the egg pool are Psyduck and Tentacool. These water Pokemon are found in places where there is a lot of water and are among the most common of their kind. However, eliminating these creatures will have no negative effect on players, unless they live near places surrounded by water.

Hoothoot and Natu

Hoothoot and Natu are also part of the list of Pokemon that have been removed from the egg pools. These creatures belong to the second generation and appear with the same relative frequency as Pidgey and Spearow. Another Pokemon removed is Wooper. To the surprise of the players, Wooper is another Pokemon that has been removed from the game.

It should be mentioned that this creature is one of the most common Water-type Pokemon in the second generation.

Sandshrew and Paras

Sandshrew and Paras are the other two Pokemon that have been removed from the egg pools. While it is true that Paras is not as common as Weedle, Spinarak or Caterpie, it is still a plentiful Bug-Type Pokemon that people should be able to find anywhere.

Additional information

In addition to the changes made regarding the appearance of these pocket monsters, Niantic has announced that they will continue to update the application of "Pokemon GO," with some recent speculation pointing to Dratini and Pineco being more difficult to capture because they will be twice as rare. It is not yet known what the Pokémon will be that will replace those already removed by Niantic, however, they are expected to be introduced to the game in the next few hours, as well as the gym rewards that players are waiting for.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.