It's official! Fergie is leaving Black Eyed Peas to continue a solo career under BMG. The multiplatinum artist recently agreed to collaborate with the international company after she decided to end her decade-long residence on Interscope Records. Similarly, the female singer has put up her own agency, #Dutchess Music, to continue her career as a solo artist.

What's next for Fergie?

Fergie formally made her exit from Interscope Records official after signing a deal with BMG last week. The singer's decision came before the release of her newest album, titled "Double Dutchess," which is due before the year ends.

An official from BMG said they are excited to be working with the Black Eyed Peas vocalist.

"What Fergie has put together with "Double Dutchess" is so inventive it redefines her as an artist," said Jon Cohen, executive vice president of BMG. "Her prolific output has already made out collaboration one of my most exciting times with BMG, and we can't wait for its reveal."

Fergie, on the other hand, said it is a "dream come true" to be working with an international music company and to start her own music label. She added this move will allow her to grow as an artist and to discover new talents. The singer added this decision is a chance for her to improve her skills as an artist and as a businesswoman.

No bad blood between BEP members

Shortly after her departure from Interscope Records was confirmed, Fergie's relationship with her Black Eyed Peas was mired in controversy. Rumor has it that the members are not happy with the singer's decision to put up her own label. However, an affiliate of the American group denied the four members are fighting over the matter.

In fact, the three guys are supportive of Fergie's decision and said that she will always be a part of their family. This statement seemingly answered previous reports regarding an alleged feud between Taboo and the female singer after the former reportedly unfollowed the latter on Twitter. "Everyone loves each other," a source said.

"There's huge amounts of love on both sides.", on the other hand, guaranteed they will continue working with female singers in a recent interview with UAE's Ahlan magazine. Speaking about their BEP's album "Elephunk," the member talked about the artists they have worked with for that release.

Among those were Noelle Scaggs for "Let's Get It Started," Debi Nova for "Latin Girls," and Macy Gray for "Request Line." After seemingly confirming Fergie's departure from Black Eyes Peas, assured fans that they will collaborate with other female artists for the upcoming releases.