A new Pokemon game for iOS and Android is on the way. A few moments ago, new information about the next Mobile Game of the Nintendo franchise came to light. The Pokémon Company has just announced a new global mobile game in a Pokémon version, which will be titled "PokeLand". According to revealed reports, this will be the newest mobile game in the "Rumble" series of spin-offs, and the first of its kind to be released for iOS and Android. According to data revealed by Comic Book, "PokeLand", has a surprising game mode, in which players can control the movements of a great variety of Pokémon appearing in the game as well as travel across different islands fighting and collecting other Pokémon toys in stages that will become increasingly difficult, the source said.

Characteristics of movements of the Pokémon toys in the new game

In "PokeLand", each Pokémon toy has two moves, however, players have the option of being able to level up of Pokémon by using important elements found in the game as they progress. The game also has a special detector that allows players to unlock new stages and find new Pokémon toys, but for this, they need a kind of diamonds that appear in the game in order to buy some valuable apps and objects. It is worth mentioning that the game will be synchronized through a Nintendo account.

A new alpha test of the game launched in Japan

According to information published on the Comic Book portal, Nintendo Inc. has already launched an alpha test for “PokeLand” users in Japan today, allowing players to capture large numbers of different Pokémon species in each of the different stages and challenge the first floors of a big tower in the name "Champion Tower", a new feature of the "Pokémon Rumble" series enabled by Nintendo in this new game.

Additional information

The Pokémon Company has been updating lately with new releases of mobile games for iOS and Android. Recently the company launched in the United States two new games, the "Magikarp Jump" and the "Pokémon Duel". It should be mentioned that the second one has not caught the attention of the players as expected, at least until now, however the "Magikarp Jump" continues to generate positive expectations in the players, the company understands that players need time to adapt to the game, although it is largely a mindless game, devoid of any skill.

The Pokémon Company has not revealed details about the launch of "PokeLand", however, there are certain rumors that the game will be released this 2017.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.