The Rock-type Pokémon event just finished a couple of days ago, and as usual, “Pokémon GO” players are waiting for the next event to go live so that they can go out into the streets and capture their favorite Pokémon. Lately, Niantic has been running new events from time to time and updating the augmented reality app. Recently, new information was revealed, which seems to suggest the arrival of a new "Pokémon GO" event that could be taking place this weekend -- or next. According to details revealed by Slash Gear on its Twitter account, the next "Pokémon GO" update will be arriving in the game either this Friday or the Friday after.

However, Niantic has not confirmed anything definitively as of this writing.

Next, we will share all the details related to this upcoming event.

The next 'Pokémon GO' event taking place

According to Slash Gear, there are two major upgrade possibilities in the "Pokémon GO" app -- one of which is a major, new change in the game, which was already announced by Niantic. That said, the other update that will take place will be based mainly on the essential elements of the app.

A new Gym update

Niantic is still making new changes to the game. Gyms around the world could be updated, which would be good news for "Pokémon GO" players, as they will have the opportunity to play freely in these areas, with an increased probability of capturing their favorite creatures since cheaters will not be able to make use of the app.

Niantic understands that the worldwide reset of gyms is the only fair way to solve the problem caused by cheating players around the world. These cheaters have plagued the game since day one. “Once the gym reset is in place, it’s possible, not guaranteed, but possible, that bots won’t be able to interact with the Pokémon Gym at all," according to SlashGear.

Additional information

The new event could, in turn, lead to the Legendary Pokémon release, which has been speculated to be taking place at some point this summer. At the time of this writing, it is unknown how many events will be released before the legendary event, but, according to the latest details, the legendary creatures will be coming very soon.

It has been said that the Legendary Pokémon will be one of the major updates of the year, and that this update will bring new creatures to the game for players to capture and train.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.