Spoiler alerts for Tuesday, June 27th indicate that this is the day that Colin and Jill return to Genoa City. A lot has happened with their children while they were away. Now, the Atkinsons have their work cut out for them. They will no doubt throw themselves fully into trying to fix all that has gone wrong.

Cane is in the fight of his life

Cane's misery is of his own doing because he did not use wisdom. While in Japan he allowed himself to drink too much Sake. He was so drunk that Juliet had to help him to his room. She later said that they had sex but Cane does not remember.

Had he told Lily the truth from the beginning he would not be in trouble now. Juliet is accusing him of trading sex for her position at Brash and Sassy. It's his word against hers, but everyone is doubting Cane because he was not honest from the beginning. Jill and Colin will be floored by this complicated situation.

Cane could possibly lose his marriage and his job because he continues to withhold information. He is in the fight of his life and has an adversary who is determined to take him down. Hillary overheard Cane and Juliet talking about the night in Tokyo. She believes the couple had sex and was shocked on Monday when Cane did not admit to it. After he argues with her, Hillary calls Juliet and promises to stand by her.

Hillary is no match, however, for the Atkinsons.

Jill and Colin have several family issues to deal with

Previews for Tuesday show Jill and Colin immediately stepping into the mess. Jill defends Cane by telling Billy that her stepson is the least likely person to be guilty of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Colin is asking his son how he can help.

What the couple is not aware of is that there are two more family issues in Genoa City to deal with, and they may not be able to fix any of the problems.

Colin and Jill's don't realize the extent of the feud between their sons. Cane is actually responsible for Juliet losing her job, which led to her filing the lawsuit against him.

Cane paid the camera man not to edit the footage from the commercial in Hollywood and convinced Juliet to let it go through without watching it. Had Juliet done her job properly she would have made sure to edit Billy joking about gambling. Her error caused problems for Brash and Sassy and Victoria had to let her go. When it comes out that Cane caused all of this, Jill and Colin may be on the opposite side of the matter.

In addition, Jill is going to be shocked that Billy is once again dating Phyllis, and will do all she can to break them up. The Atkinsons will not like that their children's lives have been turned upside down, but now they are back and will do everything in their power to right all the wrongs.