New "Big Brother 19" spoilers came out during the Season Premiere episode. The "BB19" cast was finally shown walking through the front door on Wednesday night (June 28) as the first episode of the new season finally made it to television. There were a lot of twists and turns on Day 1, including several temptations getting placed in front of the new houseguests. How those temptations played out has provided a number of important "Big Brother 19" spoilers for fans.

Most viewers already know that the "BB19" cast has been in the house for a few days.

Nothing had been shown on CBS yet, though, so this was a lot of brand new information for fans who only watch the show on television. As the first episode progressed, some of the prior "Big Brother 19" spoilers got confirmed, including the return of a former houseguest who certainly made an entrance. Paul Abrahamian is indeed a member of the "BB19" cast this summer.

What took place during "Big Brother 19" season premiere?

In addition to the cast introductions and speeches by host Julie Chen about the new season getting packed with temptations for the "BB19" cast, viewers were treated to video bios of everyone who entered the house. These brief glimpses into the pasts of each houseguest could help fans decide who they want to root for this season.

It also provided enough footage to fill out the first two hours of the show.

There were also some really big moments that played out during the "Big Brother 19" season premiere, including the first competition for safety, several alliances getting formed, and the first Eviction Ceremony of the season. That's right folks, someone has already been voted out of the "BB19" house, bringing an end to their quest for the $500,000 prize in less than a day.

That's not how anyone wants to exit the show.

Who got evicted from the "BB19" house in episode 1?

After admitting that he threw a competition that could have granted him safety from the first Eviction Ceremony, Cameron Heard was voted out of the game by his fellow castmates. Christmas Abbott and Jillian Parker were also on the block, but Cameron received eight votes to become the first evicted houseguest.

Paul Abrahamian officially took Cameron's place in the house and that brought an end to the first episode of the season.

On Thursday night (June 29), the second episode will air at 9 p.m. PT/ET on CBS. It will be interesting to see what the producers have in store for the "BB19" cast as well as the viewers who have tuned in. Once the episode airs on the west coast, the CBS live feeds will also get turned on. That alone could lead to a whole barrage of "Big Brother 19" spoilers for fans to enjoy as the weekend gets started.