Hey, "Power" fans. Welcome the new season 4! It's going to start with some heavy drama as a number of different sources will be trying to threaten Ghost after his arrest in this upcoming premiere episode 1. Elsewhere, Tasha will be very busy trying to get enough money to post his bail. Tommy will seek out assistance in tracking down Tariq and more. STARZ served up these spoiler scoops through a press release for the episode. TV Guide posted it on their website.

When I get out

They also revealed that this season opener is named, "When I Get Out." They started off their main description with the Ghost storyline.

Ghost will be in the midst of getting arrested for the murder of Agent Knox. For this reason, he's going to attract multiple threats from numerous sources! Which sources are threatening him? What kind of threats is Ghost receiving? Those are the huge questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait for this episode to air to get all the details about the threats because they definitely didn't give away any other details about it.

Major scramble

Next, they revealed that we're going to see Tasha caught up in a major scramble to collect enough cash to be able to bail Ghost out of the slammer. Will Tasha be able to gather up enough funds? If so, how long will it take her to get them?

Who or where will she try to get them from? It should be interesting to see what she's going to go through to raise the bail money.

While all this bail money drama is happening, the Feds will be busy trying to build up their case against Ghost. Will they be able to successfully pull this off? Or will they fail to get enough evidence?

Those are the burning questions for that particular situation. Lastly, they revealed that Tommy is going to be featured in some scenes. He's going to try to get accustomed to his new position and will also seek out help to recover Tariq.

New preview clip

Additionally, STARZ did release a preview clip (below) that gives us a visual look at these storylines in action.

It also reveals extra details that the press release didn't mention. The clip starts out showing us new scenes with Ghost in prison. At one point, he says that he's being set up. Joe is shown trying to give Ghost some advice about the way they want him to come across in court. After that, they show a scene with Tommy in action. He tells his crew that business will continue as usual.

Start acting like it

There are a few scenes with Tasha. At one point, things get real dramatic between her and Ghost when she visits him in prison. She tells him that she is on his side and that he needs to start acting like it. 50 Cent's Kanan character is featured throughout the clip in various scenes. There's also a couple of very violent fight scenes that take place.

Some guns get pulled in a couple of times. So, they're not skimping out on the violence. We also see Angela making some very intense statements a few times. It is confirmed that episode 1 is scheduled to air this Sunday night, June 25 at 8 pm central time on STARZ. Stay tuned.