"Teen Mom 2" star Adam Lind is one of the controversial stars of the MTV franchise. Adam, best known as being the father of Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, is now under more after after some very disturbing details about his past drug use and violent history have been leaked. Adam's second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, recently asked a judge to deny his request for unsupervised visitation with their daughter Paislee. Halbur detailed many of Lind's dangerous qualities, revealing that he uses drugs, has been physically violent towards her, and even accused him of killing two of her dogs.

Taylor Halbur reveals shocking information about the reality TV dad

According to Radar Online, court papers filed by Taylor Halbur reveal that Adam Lind "killed two" of her puppies while their were living together. Taylor says that the "Teen Mom 2" dad abuses drugs and that she's seen needles laying around his home. Taylor says that Adam is physically violent as well, revealing that he pushed her down to the ground one time when she was holding their infant daughter. Halbur says that another time when Lind was "very high on steroids" he pinned her up against the wall and screamed in her face.

Recently, it was revealed that Adam Lind had failed a court ordered drug test where he tested positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine.

The drug test was ordered by a judge after Adam's exes Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur teamed up with their suspicions of drug use and headed to court to relay their concerns. In addition, sources have told The Ashley's Reality Roundup that Adam has not filmed any scenes for the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2."

Chelsea Houska won't turn a blind eye to Adam's behavior.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska isn't going to let Adam Lind's behavior go unnoticed.

The "Teen Mom 2" star is said to be making sure that the court will enforce the order that Adam's visits with their daughter Aubree be strictly supervised. Currently, Adam is supposed to see Aubree while she is in the care of his parents. However, sometimes in the past, Adam's parents have let him take her without their supervision, which has bee a huge cause for concern with both Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer.

Fans are looking forward to seeing what Houska and Halbur both have to say when the new season of the MTV reality series debuts later this summer.

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