After several fuzzy discussions about the renewal of "New Girl" Season 7, the seventh installment has been officially confirmed as the Final chapter of the comedy-drama television series. With this, many are already on the lookout for its final casting, possible plots, premiere date, and what's to come in the final season.

Season 7 will be the series’ final season

Shortly after Season 6 landed its finale episode last April, the brewing talks about Season 7 were quick to take the spotlight in the headlines. However, everything was under wraps until Fox recently gave their final say on Sunday, March 14, as confirmed by E!

Online. Executive producers Dave Finkel and Brett Baer were also recalled making a positive standpoint statement after Season 6, wherein they sighted that they had created a finale that would fit as a satisfying ending story and vice versa.

During his interview with TV Guide, Finkel said that they really wanted to make sure that the team will deliver an ending that could work in both directions. Since Season 7 is the final season for the “New Girl” series, it will answer a lot of questions. Though Fox came up with a good decision in having "New Girl" back onboard, the news also came with a little downside as Season 7 will also be the series' last and final season. Meanwhile, no other details were disclosed aside from the renewal announcement.

New story for the next season

As expected after "New Girl" Season 7 was made official, a series of spoilers and theories could be underway. Moreover, the viewers are as well curious on how the new story will pull off for lead stars Zooey Deschanel (Jessica) and Jake Johnson (Nick).

There will be a huge time skip for "New Girl" Season 7.

Viewers will see Jess and the whole gang three years after the events from Season 6. According to TV Guide, there will be major milestones for all the main characters which will include a very big one in the series finale. Will this mean that we will see Nick and Jess already married? Only time will tell.

Speaking of, more and more guesses about the duo and the rest of the cast members are expected to come in the next few days.

Added to this, Fox has yet to reveal how many episodes were renewed for the new franchise and who will be returning in the final season. As to when will Jess, Nick, Cece, Schmidt, and the "New Girl" Season 7 return to the television screens, that still remains on a thin line for now.