Hey, "Better Call Saul" fans. It is with great displeasure that we cannot confirm a new season 4 for your favorite show right now. According to a recent report from vinereport.com, Uproxx interviewed one of the show's creators Peter Gould. He told them he would actually like to see the show end with people wanting to see another season as opposed to waiting for them to get tired of it.

Still a business

After that, he did say that he's open to doing a new season 4 if AMC gives it to them. The network and Sony have been good to them, and he believes they will continue to be.

However, it's still a business so it's currently uncertain if they will get a renewal. He hopes that they can end the show on their own creative terms as opposed to getting canceled.

Worst of all the seasons

The 3rd season rating numbers were actually the worst of all the three seasons. That doesn't really help their case at all. The show's first season kicked off to a United States audience of 6.88 million people. After that, it just kept dropping and dropping all the way down to just 2.53 million viewers by the end of that season. That was over half their premiere episode viewers.

Season 2 premiered to 2.57 million viewers which was a slight tick up from the audience that they drew in during the season 1 finale episode.

From there, they continued their decline in viewership. However, it didn't fall as much as the first season did. They managed to maintain most of their audience throughout the season. The season 2 finale drew 2.26 million viewers.

Only 1.8 million for season 3 premiere

However, when it was time to debut the 3rd season, a lot of that audience wasn't clamoring to see the premiere as it only brought in 1.813 million watchers.

It experienced a 29% drop in viewership from the season 2 finale. The ratings for the 18-49 demographic was pretty low at 0.70. That was a 33 percent drop from the season 2 ender.

After the season 3 premiere, the pattern of declining watchers continued. It did experience a moment in the middle of the season where their audience started to pick up again.

However, the overall pattern was downward. The recent episode 9 that aired last week June 12 only brought in 1.47 million people to watch it.

Demo ratings dropped drastically

Its demo rating was only a 0.45. So, it had dropped pretty drastically too. Judging by these pretty low numbers, it's quite easy to see why AMC hasn't been quick to come up with a decision to keep this show around. However, it is still a cable show so the numbers might barely be just enough for them to get a new 4th season. If the numbers continue to decline during a hypothetical 4th season, you can bet that it will definitely be the last one. Stay tuned.