Hey, "Shadowhunters" folks. The Seelie Queen will want to see Clary and Jace for something and more in this upcoming episode 14 of season 2. Alex is going to be cooking up some big plans that involve a make-up session with members of the Downworlders. Freeform released these spoilers through their recent press release. Spoiler TV put it on their site.

The Fair Folk

The title for this 14th installment has been revealed to be, "The Fair Folk." They started off their main description with the Alec storyline. Apparently, he's going to really want to make amends with the Downworlders. They say he's going to have really big plans to do so.

What will these huge amendment plans entail? Will the Downworlders accept his efforts to make up with them? Those are the major questions for this particular storyline. Freeform elected not to reveal anymore info than that. So, we're going to have to wait for this one to air to get those burning questions answered. Hopefully, we'll see everything play out in this episode. However, they may stretch this one out over a couple of installments.

Next, they revealed a 2nd and last storyline scoop. It features Jace, Clary and the Seelie Queen. The Queen is going to apparently want to see Jace and Clary for some reason. They say she is going to summon them at some point. Will they go rushing to see her? What does she want? Those are a couple of questions that we'll be looking to see get answered in this one.

There is one thing that we can be sure of with this particular plotline. It's certainly going to give us some pretty intriguing scenes to look forward to.

Pretty serious conversation

The network did release some promotional photos for this episode. Isabelle and Raphael are shown in a few scenes. At one point, Isabelle has a big smile on her face with Sebastian.

So, those are three other characters that we know will have at least a few scenes in this one. It doesn't stop there though. There's some snapshots that feature Luke and Maryse Lightwood engaging in what appears to be a pretty serious conversation. It's going to be interesting to see what that's all about. Luke is also spotted having a moment with Alex where they're shaking hands.

Meliom is in a scene

The last photo gives us a look at Meliorn in action. He's shown having a chit chat session with Alex and Isabelle. It doesn't look like anything too serious, but that's what's happening. We also expect to see a new preview clip for episode 14 to get released after episode 13 gets done airing later on tonight. It should reveal some extra information that wasn't revealed in the press release description. In fact, we're about 99.9 percent sure it will. So, you'll want to make sure to check for it. Episode 14 is confirmed to hit the airwaves on Monday night, June 26, 2017, at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.

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