Hey, "Better Call Saul" peeps. It's that time again to give you guys the rundown of what's going to happen in next week's episode 9 of season 3. It certainly sounds like some very dramatic and intense things will happen as we learn that some heavy challenges will get thrown in Kim's direction. The future of the firm is going to cause some major tension and more. These spoilers come from AMC's latest press release via TV Guide.

Jimmy visits old friends

They also revealed that this installment has a very short title as they simply named it: "Fall." If nothing else, that's one of the easiest titles to remember.

According to the main description, Jimmy will be very busy visiting friends from his past at some point. It's also revealed that he'll be taking up a new pastime.

What is this pastime that he will be taking up? Who are these friends from the past? Those are the big questions for this storyline. The description is quite vague so they didn't reveal anything else about it. We'll just have to wait until this episode airs to see what that situation is all about. Actually, it's possible that we might catch a glimpse of who these friends are in the new preview clip for episode 9. It's expected to be released right after episode 8 airs later on tonight. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Tensions rise about the firm's future

Next, they revealed that Hamlin and Chuck will share a scene. However, they won't share the same frame of mind as it's described that these two are going to end up sparring it out in regards to how the firm should move forward in the future. Will they be able to reach some sort of an agreement and calm down?

Or will this confrontation spiral out of control? Those are the burning questions for that scenario. One thing that we can be sure of is that it will provide some great and dramatic scenes to look forward to.

Won't be going smoothly

Lastly, they revealed that Kim is going to be in at least one of these scenes. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like things will run smoothly for her as they say that she's going to be dealing with some major challenges at her place of work.

The obvious questions for this storyline is what are these big challenges? Will she be able to handle them? It looks like only time will tell us because AMC certainly did not in their press release. So, that's all the information that we're left with at the moment.

Again, be sure to look out for those new sneak peek clips that should be released after episode 8 airs tonight. We can also confirm that the show isn't skipping over any weeks or anything like that. This episode is scheduled to air next Monday on June 5, 2017 at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.