"Nashville" fans have waited three months for this moment. Season 5B is finally here and we get to find out just who Scarlett's baby daddy is. Will it be Gunnar or will their relationship be made harder when it turns out to be someone else's? Here's a breakdown of the upcoming trailer to help you get excited for all-new episodes tonight from 9 p.m. on CMT.

Maddie is working on her studio album

After years of wanting this, Maddie is finally getting to work on her studio album. Excited to get it finished, she learns the hard part of being a singer: everyone always wants something more from you.

Juliette likes the sound of Maddie's voice but makes it clear that the album needs more work before it can be released. It sounds like Avery doesn't quite agree, as we hear him tell somebody that they have to be happy with their work.

While Maddie moves forward with her career, Daphne is struggling. Not only is she not the duet she thought she was with her sister, but she's lost her mom and her dad is in prison. Right now, she's stuck in the house with Deacon and Maddie, feeling like she isn't part of the family. That leads to her acting out, as she makes a new friend at school.

Juliette prepares for a new show

After falling at her last concert, Juliette is understandably nervous about her upcoming show.

She's put a lot of pressure on herself to make sure she delivers for her fans. The last thing her mental health needs right now is ridicule from the unforgiving press. Avery wants her to slow down and relieve the pressure, but she doesn't feel like she has a choice.

Juliette has made some major life changes in recent years.

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Her character development throughout "Nashville" Season 5 has been beautifully handled. She is finally stepping up as a mom and putting others first, so hopefully, this won't be a back step for her.

Deacon deals with Highway 65 decisions

Things are not easy for Deacon. Just after getting the family he has always wanted, he is dealing with the loss of his wife.

Now he has to deal with Highway 65, which is in financial problems while managing the release of Rayna's new album. This is an album she had been working on before her death and it took a long time for Deacon to agree to lay down his voices for the release.

At the same time, he has trouble with his family. Can he help Daphne through her insecurities and disappointments in life, while managing his superstar daughter?

And of course, Scarlett finds out who her baby's daddy is. Gunnar is there, promising that the results of the paternity test won't change anything but does he really mean it?