Popular teen drama mystery-thriller series "Pretty Little Liars" only has two episodes left, and the plot is getting more intense. Fans have some theories as to how their favorite TV show will end. The show has proven to be very unpredictable, and the viewers know that anything can literally happen to their beloved characters.

When the "Pretty Little Liars" cast were asked by Hollywood Reporter how the series will end, they jokingly said that it may end tragically with Emily killing all of them. Show creator Marlene King said that the ending should be something tragic.

She added that fans may hate them for this but, "it will at least be final so you don’t wonder what kind of 50-year-old would Emily be."

Is Spencer Hastings and A.D. related?

"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 finale is also expected to finally shed light on the true identity of the mysterious A.D. Brendan Robinson who plays Lucas has previously said that there are hints that have been dropped for a long time, and that he was "thrown off" when he knew who A.D. really is. Robinson said that it didn't make sense to him at first, but the people involved in the scenes did a really good job, and questions are finally answered.

The finale will use flashbacks to reveal A.D. and it will also show clues that have been dropped along the way.

Some fans theorized that A.D. is Spencer Hastings twin. This theory started when Hanna dreamt that Spencer visited her.

'Farewell My Lovely' and 'Til DeAth Do Us PArt'

The show's EP said that for the last two episodes viewers will get to see Wren more. We saw him with Spencer when they talked in the airport, and some think that the person talking with Wren was actually Spencer's twin, A.D.

Of course, there are just speculations, but we will find out soon enough if the end will really be as tragic as how King teased it will be. Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 is titled "Farewell My Lovely" and the official synopsis says that the Liars are now pretty convinced that they know who A.D.

is, and so they would prepare for a confrontation. Spencer, Hanna, and Caleb would do some investigations which will lead them to discover about Charlotte's death and the identity of the killer will also be exposed.

The last episode is titled "Til DeAth Do Us PArt" and some spoilers say that Wren is going to be a vital part of the finale. "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 episode 19 will be aired on June 20, while episode 20 will be released on June 27.