On the recent episode of "Married at First Sight," the three couples are told to go to a place in their past in order to get to know their spouses better. Nate Duhon, 25, and Sheila Downs, 30, decided to visit where Nate grew up in Michigan. That meant Sheila would have to come face to face with Nate's mother, Jennifer, who disapproved of their marriage from the very beginning. Sheila is trying very hard to get along with her mother-in-law, but they continue to clash.

Nate's mother

When Jennifer found out her son and his new wife were staying in a hotel instead of with her, she was not happy with their decision.

She blamed Sheila for the decision. Sheila admitted the decision was basically hers. She told Jennifer they didn't want to impose. Actually, it was uncomfortable for her to be around Nate's mother.

Both women were very guarded during the meeting. This was the first time they have been together since the wedding. When Jennifer visited her son on a previous episode, Sheila was not home. She was participating in a friend's wedding. Jennifer accused Sheila of planning it that way so she wouldn't be home to see her.

The conversations were awkward as the wife and mother struggled to be cordial toward each other. Every time Sheila mentioned something, her mother-in-law immediately tried to turn it into an argument. For instance, when Shelia mentioned she had some nice telephone conversations with Nate's father, her mother-in-law got upset and tried to make an issue out of Sheila not calling her since she married her son.

Sheila's mother-in-law

There are enough problems in a marriage, especially when the newlyweds are strangers. It is very unfortunate that the mother-in-law is the source of Nate and Shelia's problem. Fans were rooting for this couple to stay together. However, at the end of the last episode, Sheila seemed ready to throw in the towel. Unless something changes within the next couple of weeks, the couple might decide not to stay married.

Of course, Jennifer would be happy about that decision.

Viewers believe it's not just Sheila that Nate's mother doesn't approve of. She would not approve of anyone Nate married at first sight. Jennifer admitted it is different hearing her son call Sheila his wife. Her actions indicate that if she has anything to do with it, he won't be saying it after the eight-week social experiment is over.

Do you think Jennifer will get her wish, or do you think she will ever accept Sheila as Nate's wife? Viewers will soon find out.

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