"Married at First Sight" is in the middle of the season. Viewers have gotten to know the couples since they got married at the altar when they first met. Fans have watched their reactions when they met for the first time and said, "I do" seconds later on the Lifetime's reality show.

Millions of people around the world watched the three couples on the wedding night, went along with them on their honeymoon and saw them when they found a place to live. Viewers joined them during their first holiday together. On the most recent episode, the couples took their spouses to a place that represented their past.

Ashley wants a baby

Anthony took Ashley to Michigan to spend time with his family that they had not seen since the wedding. During the five-hour drive, the couple talked about a subject that is near and dear to Ashley's heart. She had previously mentioned having a baby right away, but this time she was more emphatic. Anthony is quite concerned about Ashley's desire to rush into having a baby when they have not decided if they will stay married or divorce after the eight-week social experiment is over.

Ashly admitted her reason to agree to marry a stranger was to have a baby as soon as possible. The 30-year-old told her husband who is 33 that she had planned to have a baby on her own if she hadn't found a husband by the time she turned 30.

Ashley believes she will be a great mother with or without a husband.

Anthony misunderstood

At first, Anthony joked about it. He asked if Ashley thought this was "Married At First Sight and Kid the Next Year." Seeing how serious Ashley is about having a baby, Anthony no longer thinks it is a joking matter.

In a blog, Anthony cleared up the talk about having a baby.

He misunderstood what Ashley's timeframe was for having a baby. Ashley didn't say for them to start having a baby now so they could have a child in a year. She said she wanted to start trying in a year to have a baby. After Anthony understood what Ashley meant, he agreed. After all, they would have had an entire year to get to know each other and make plans for a baby.

No more baby talk for now

Now that the baby talk has been resolved, Anthony and Ashley can move on to other things. During the car ride to Michigan, they shared that they need to find another place to live because they rushed into getting an apartment right away as soon as they came back from their honeymoon. Perhaps their next place will be big enough for a baby when one comes along.

First, Anthony and Ashley will have to decide in a few weeks if they will stay married or get a divorce when the social experiment comes to an end. From what you have seen, do you think they will stay married? Watch Anthony and Ashley along with two other couples on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.