Shortly after Camila Cabello decided to disband from her group Fifth Harmony, fans of the mega-popular Miami-based band are curious if the remaining members will change the original name or will just keep it as it is. Several months have already passed and the band has continued to promote and perform under the same name, leaving fans with a bunch of hanging questions about the real score.

As per the latest reports, Fifth Harmony members Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke have finally revealed the true reason as to why they are still keeping the band's original name despite the fact that they are now a four-member group.

"Fifth Harmony is the name we grew up with and we worked for and it's our brand. It's who we are. It's our entire moments. It's what we spent five years on," said Jauregui.

What was Camila Cabello's reason for leaving Fifth Harmony?

Tons of whispers and speculations rolled out in the headlines quickly after Camila Cabello's exit. A few reports even claimed that the brunette beauty did not discuss her decision with the other four members personally and that they only heard the news from the singer's reps. Is this true?

Fifth Harmony members have yet to release a statement about the issue, respectively. However, Cabello was quick to debunk the allegations and said that she and her co-members have already talked about her decision to leave the band and pursue her solo career.

It is still not clear yet if Cabello's relationship with her former bandmates has been wrecked after she left, but rumor has it that the members were reportedly not pleased and happy about her exit. Furthermore, it has also been speculated that her sudden departure may have impacted the friendship she has built with them over the last five years.

New Fifth Harmony member underway?

Some fans would think that Fifth Harmony might never be the same again without Camila Cabello. However, it seems like the now a foursome band wants to prove that they can still soar high in the music industry even after losing one valuable talent from the group.

While they may have originally created the band's name as five members, it doesn't mean that they can't continue using the same brand even after losing one member in the row.

With this, many are asking if Fifth Harmony has plans to hire a new member to fill in Cabello's place.

The remaining members have previously said that they don't have current plans to get a replacement for their former bandmate. Moreover, reports say that they don't feel the need to hire a new member because their loyal fans and supporters are enough to make Fifth Harmony complete.

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