Leslee Dart, Daniel Day-Lewis spokesperson, has finally confirmed the speculations that the Actor is finally retiring from his Acting career. Amid the news, the real reason behind his retirement wasn't revealed. In an official statement, it was stated that Lewis will no longer work as an actor. Nevertheless, he was grateful and thankful to all his fans for the support and love for many years.

In the statement, it continued to explain that his retirement is a private decision and that his representatives are not making further comments about it.

To recall, the 60-year old Irish actor was known for being picky in terms of his roles in both TV and films. However, when he does acting, he'll do it really hard.

Oscar-winning actor

Over the years of his profession being an actor, Lewis became an Oscar winner and even a nominee for five times. To recall, his last appearance on a movie was on 2012 when he starred in the movie, "Lincoln." Since then, he hasn't made any more appearance on the big screen. Further, such film also made him earned his third Oscar award as best actor.

In 2008, he got his second best actor award from Oscar for the movie, "There will be Blood." Meanwhile, he also first coveted his best actor trophy in the movie, "My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown," back in 1990.

Further, he also appeared in "Phantom Thread," a Paul Thomas Anderson's film, but it was his last movie since then.

Basically, his presence and acting skills will definitely be missed by the entire acting industry. Hence, it is safe to say that artists always have the chance to retire from their work whenever they feel the need to.

Greatest actor of his generation

Daniel Day-Lewis is unquestionably one of the greatest and best actors of his generation. For more than five years, the actor didn’t appear to any films anymore. Nonetheless, Lewis will always be remembered for his notable roles in all films that he has been part of.

Immediately an hour after the official announcement, everyone on Twitter shared different opinions.

Some fans were sad about his retirement while others jokingly looked at it as a means of making himself popular. A lot has thought of making his whole retirement as his way of making his name famous once again.

However, whatever could be his reason behind; fans are bound to respect Lewis with his choice to leave his acting career. He will always be known as one of the most in-demand personalities of his time despite the fact that at times, he was also selective with his roles.