Madonna, Damon Albarn, and Bano attended the Noel Gallagher's Birthday Party last night. Noel Gallagher celebrated his 50th in style as various Hollywood stars such as Damon, Madonna, and Bono rocked up to his party. The former “Oasis” star marked the milestone with a lavish function organized by his beautiful wife, Sara MacDonald. The event was held at the Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire, and various celebs participated to wish him.

Theme of the party

The birthday party was themed around the famous show “Narcos,” premiered on Netflix. Invitations were sent to all guests in the form of a pictured card.

Also, Noel openly tagged his friends on Twitter and invited them to a grand party. This morning, Madonna took it to Twitter to share her experience about the function. She has uploaded a couple of pictures of herself with Bono, Stella McCartney, and other celebrities.

The pop star gave her fans glimpses inside an A-list party when she shared dozens of photos from Noel’s 50th birthday party on official Instagram and Twitter. In one of the pictures, Madonna can be seen having fun with her friends. She wore a black outfit and looked stunning.

Madonna as an entertainer

A few days ago, “Baywatch” actor Zac Efron revealed that he is in love with Madonna and wants to date her; but the female singer is already in a relationship with a British fashion model.

There are rumors that Madonna has decided to settle in London with her new boyfriend, but nothing is confirmed.

In an Instagram picture, we can see Madonna enjoying red wine with Damon Albarn, Stella McCartney, and Bano. They looked to be having a wonderful time at the private bash for Noel, who turned 50 in May 2017. Wearing a black Dolce and Gabbana blouse, Madonna looks like a beauty queen.

She complimented her looks with a unique hairstyle, high heels, and a branded handbag. The star’s makeup is glamorous with a bright lipstick and black eyeliner, thanks to her beauty expert for making it possible for Madonna.

Beside the photos, Madonna wrote that the world seems to have attended Noel’s birthday. She called it one of the best events of her life and wished Gallagher good luck.

So far, the photos have gone viral on the internet, and Madonna’s fans are admiring her outfit, makeup, and hairstyle. Being a close friend of Noel, Madonna has shared a big part of her life with him. The two are together for years, and Noel’s wife Sara did not mind it.