Country Music legend Loretta Lynn has come to terms with the seriousness of her illness. She has expressed her final wishes to family and Friends by simply stating that she "just wants to go home." New reports reveal that Loretta has accepted her fate and has made a few requests.

Loretta Lynn wants to go to the place she loves most...her ranch

As previously reported, the 85-year-old singer was rushed to a hospital in Nashville after suffering a stroke at her Hurricane Hills Ranch on May 15. She was then moved from the Nashville hospital to a rehab facility after it was feared that the singer's stroke may have caused more damage than first believed.

Following her stroke, Loretta's rep stated that the singer was resting, talkative, and expected to make a full recovery.

Things appear to have taken a bad turn for country singer

It was first expected that Lynn would bounce back to near normal following the stroke. Sadly, as the days went by, it appeared that Loretta's condition continued to worsen. New reports from Radar Online reveal that insiders close to Loretta's situation claim that the singer is starting to give up, asking to be placed on her tour bus and asking to return home to die.

Loretta knows she doesn’t have long on this earth and her biggest fear is to spend her last days in a sterile hospital or nursing home," the insider allegedly told RO reporters.

“She wants to be where her heart is — on her ranch,” confesses the confidant.

Loretta Lynn just recently celebrated her 85th birthday back in April and was very excited about her upcoming summer tour stops. Insiders have stated that Loretta has been very torn up about postponing the shows. Loretta's care at this time requires a full nursing staff around the clock.

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Hopefully Lynn's family members can arrange for home care where she feels most comfortable and feels at ease. Loretta Lynn's family member added, "Hurricane Mills is where Mooney lived out his final days, and Loretta wants the same. She wants to see the grounds and lanes and trees that she and Mooney enjoyed [for] over 20 years.”

As previously reported, sources recently told Radar Online that things are so bad at this time that Loretta is now struggling to speak, and there is a huge concern that she may never be able to sing again.

At this time, as sad and heartbreaking as the news may be, it looks as though it may be in Loretta Lynn's best interest to follow the advice of her doctors.

Fans will continue to love and support the country music legend either way.