Brandi Glanville knew how to throw a lot of drama into "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Like or hate her, she could be counted on to stir the pot and create mayhem with her fellow co-stars. Looking back, she does have a few regrets and shares with E! Daily Pop if it was worth doing the show. Will she return to the show? See what Brandi has to say about all of that!

Regrets and No Regrets

Brandi Glanville said she most regrets slapping Lisa Vanderpump during an "RHOBH" episode, saying that it was "more of a love tap, but they put a sound effect to it." In hindsight, Brandi says she wouldn't have done that.

Does she regret signing on with "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills"? The model explains that as hard as it was to be a part of, she wouldn't have her line of wine and books if it weren't for the show. In that way, it's been worth all the pain.

Brandi returning to the show?

Is Glanville returning to "RHOBH"? She maintains that her life is in a good place now with a new boyfriend and doesn't want to go back. She thinks to be on the show as a single woman is more difficult because the others want to target that person. Brandi has the notion that if a cast member doesn't have a man, she's more vulnerable to attack and he won't be there to defend her.

Single women targets on "RHOBH"?

Brandi was challenged on her comment by one of the Daily Pop hosts, Justin Sylvester -- who so happens to be a former assistant to Kyle Richards.

Justin disagreed with Brandi that the ladies go after women on the show who don't have a man. He defended them by saying they "aren't those kind of people." Brandi argued that Justin didn't see everything during filming and that she was on the show five years, so she has a "different take" on the situation.

To be fair, some of what Brandi said was apparent when Dorit Kemsley's husband, P.K., went after her enemies last season.

He wasn't afraid to confront Erika Jayne for feuding with his wife, calling her "cold." He caused quite the scene at the party Lisa Vanderpump was throwing. When things get tough, the men usually defend their wives. Lisa Rinna, on the other hand, fought a lot of battles in season 7 and Harry Hamlin didn't come running to her defense.Same could be said for Erika Jayne, whose husband, Tom Girardi, was always busy working.

See, Brandi, even the married women are targets and their men stay out of the picture.

Would you like to see Brandi Glanville back on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"? For the time being, she's happy with her life and is keeping her dramas off-screen.