Kylie Jenner launched blushes for the first time on her cosmetics site, and the names have a few people questioning the 19-year-old's logic. Jenner announced the addition of five matte blushes to her Kylie Cosmetics line on Tuesday, and each one boasts a scandalous name.

However, it's not just the fact Kylie decided to go with such shocking names for her blush collection, but rather that the teen mogul has young girls following her and idolizing her products.

So what exactly are the names?

Kylie Jenner's risqué blush names

It's safe to say almost anything Kylie puts her name to is guaranteed to be a hit— especially when it comes to her lip kit and cosmetics line.

So it's no wonder her new blushes received so much attention, but with names such as 'X-Rated' and 'Virginity,' the launch is receiving some negative feedback as well.

A pale pink shade dubbed 'Barely Legal' is what fans are most upset over as Jenner tends to cater towards a younger crowd. Of course, it doesn't help matters that Kylie also named one blush—a more vibrant pink — 'Hot and Bothered.' The last blush, a striking red, is called 'Hopeless Romantic,' which makes it the least scandalous name choice.

Why did Kylie choose such controversial names?

You end up with some not so subtle messages when you put all the names together, and fans even suggest the blushes are related to Jenner's own relationship with 27-year-old Tyga.

Kylie started the public romance when she was 18 and the rapper was in his mid-20s. It's also rumored the couple was dating prior to Jenner turning 18, which gives new meaning to the blush titled 'Barely Legal.'

However, Kylie has yet to respond to the controversy surrounding the name choices and why she picked the ones she did.

Fans are not pleased

Overall, fans are not pleased with Jenner's decision to name her newest cosmetics such provacative things. Us Weekly covered the drama as the site stated the internet is not happy. " media users are concerned about the message Jenner is sending, given the legions of young girls who look up to the teen reality TV star."

Us Weekly went on to quote some Twitter users responses to the blush names:

“Can Kylie Jenner not sexualize young women w her blush names like ‘virginity" and 'barely legal?’”

“It's like Kylie Cosmetics is just asking for controversy by calling a shade of blush barely legal.”