Fashion model Bella Hadid is still posing in Nike ads despite some people claiming the 20-year-old is "too thin" to represent the athletic brand. Hadid has continued sharing Nike posts on her social media as she promotes her latest campaign. However, it seems Bella's fans are more accepting of the partnership than those who previously questioned her work with the company.

Bella flaunts her figure in new Nike apparel

Hadid has taken to sharing her Nike campaign images on her Instagram account as fans compliment her looks. Instagram users have started asking Bella where they can buy the clothing seen in her posts while others simply call the model beautiful.

"Bella you look so lovely, and also congratulations on the collaboration."

People magazine reported on Bella's latest Nike shoot as the site said collaborating with a sports brand is how celebs know they truly made it. "As all the new Insta It-Girls know, you haven’t truly made it until you land that sportswear brand endorsement..." The article continued on to state Hadid has found ways to promote the brand in her everyday attire as well. Of course, she's sure to share images to her social media while effortlessly showcasing these looks as well.

Hadid regularly shares photos from her Nike Cortez campaign each week as she generates hype for the product launch. Most recently, Bella posed in an all-white Nike ensemble during the French Open.

She opted for a tummy-baring sports bra with a matching Nike skirt as she showed off her thin figure.

Hadid's collaboration drama

Prior to so many people congratulating Bella on her Nike collaboration, fans were taken aback by the brand's decision to work with the model. The Huffington Post reported on the controversy back in November 2016, when Hadid was first named the face of Nike, as people called her "too thin."

Some people even stated the company was promoting eating disorders by casting such a thin model, according to Huffpost.

"Some people have gone as far as to accuse Nike of encouraging eating disorders in young women." However, Bella has not addressed the drama surrounding her partnership with the sports line.

Instead, Huffington Post quoted Hadid discussing her weight as she said it fluctuates regularly. "My weight fluctuates and so does everybody’s and I think that if people are gonna judge, that’s the worst you can possibly do because everybody is different."

But this didn't seem to change people's opinions as they continued to call Hadid "anorexic" looking and commented Nike should use someone with more muscle definition.

"Surely a more athletic physique would be better?"

While she may have faced public scrutiny at the beginning of her campaign with Nike, Bella is now making headlines with her daring athletic attire as she showcases her figure in the new apparel.

It seems fans are more supportive now as they continue to ask where they can buy the looks, and Hadid's Nike Instagram posts receive almost a million likes each.