Kylie Jenner launched new camouflage merchandise to her Kylie Shop line on Thursday, and some fans are finding the promotional images a bit odd. Jenner posed in a trio of camouflage bikinis for the official Kylie Shop Instagram account this week as the brand counted down the days to the release.

While Kylie looks toned in the photos, some Instagram users stated she looks Photoshopped with comments such as "Photoshop skills on fleek!" Other users compared her body to that of a robot as they stated she looks fake. "That is the most mechanically engineered body I have ever seen."

Kylie poses in 'Camokinis'

Kylie modeled three different colors of her new camouflage bikini line, dubbed "Camokinis" on the official Instagram page, as followers questioned the authenticity of the images.

One commenter directed people to look at one of Jenner's shoulders for evidence of Photoshop as she posed in the suit named "Candy," which features a pink and blue design.

Another Instagram user stated the images look odd as if the person editing them forgot to finish. "They forgot to Photoshop something right there lol it looks odd." Kylie is known for her disproportionate curves, but her latest photos showcase her tiny waist and wide hips more than usual. So far, the 19-year-old has not addressed the Photoshop and "robot" comments.

People magazine reported on Kylie's promotional photos as she once again displays her toned figure in revealing clothing.

The site detailed a short video Jenner shared to her personal Instagram on Wednesday as she flaunted her new line. However, Kylie wore a camouflage sports bra and matching sweats in the video instead of a bikini.

Fans accuse her of stealing designs

While Kylie is being accused of Photoshop and relying on plastic surgery to achieve her bikini body, others are accusing her of stealing designs for her new all-camouflage line.

People are saying Jenner copied fashion site Plugged's camouflage line as some of her new pieces do resemble those offered by the brand. In fact, the CEO of Plugged NYC went online to address the issue.

She posted several images comparing her existing line of camouflage attire to Kylie's new pieces as she states money is power, and the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling has a lot of both.

"...funny how someone can just take a whole movement bc of how much money and power they have."

People seem to agree with the CEO as they left comments supporting Plugged and called out Kylie on the Instagram posts. Social media users have taken to calling Jenner "lame" while others simply commented "stolen" on her promotional video. But the drama has not affected sales as all three of Kylie's "Camokinis" sold out within hours.