The anticipation has been building for the latest collaboration between Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, and the wait is almost over! The sisters' newest shades officially launch May 31 at 3 p.m. PST on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

While fans have been raving about the three new matte lip colors and glittery gloss in the Koko Kollection this past week, Jenner will soon find out if her marketing skills were enough to sell out the products.

No subtle shades for Koko

Unlike most of Kylie's other matte lip shades, which include a wide range of nude tones, round two of the Koko Kollection features extremely vibrant colors.

Fans can grab Doll, an orange-red shade, or the deep pink dubbed Baby Girl if they're feeling bold. For those seeking a little less excitement, Bunny is a soft dusty purple, and Sugar Plum is a nude to pinkish gloss featuring a hint of glitter.

While the original Koko Kollection also features some eye-catching colors, the second collaboration offers a face palette for the first time. If fans are seeking that Kardashian-like glow, now is their chance to purchase a highlighter and bronze collection to help them achieve the look. The palette comes with a blush, two highlighters, and a bronzer.

Kylie's fans react to the new shades

Jenner's cosmetic line has undoubtedly done very well as many lip kits sell out within minutes of launching.

Her recent collaboration with Kim Kardashian sold out twice as fans rushed to get one of the exclusive kits. So, it's no surprise the public reacts well anytime Kylie announces a new product coming to her line. Many social media commenters expressed their opinions in the comment section on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram.

While some people said things such as "I want both," and "Oh, it looks so pretty," others expressed their doubt over the price of the collection.

Commenters flooded the Kylie Cosmetics posts with questions regarding the cost as it's not immediately clear how much Jenner is charging for the lipsticks and face palette.

It appears some followers may love the new Koko Kollection, but already feel as if they won't be able to afford it once it does launch on May 31.

"My heart says yes, but my wallet says no."

Other new releases on Kylie Cosmetics

The 19-year-old Jenner has been busy adding to her cosmetics line this past month as she released three new velvet lip kit shades and added a metal lipstick from her holiday collection to her permanent line. Kylie is also sure to let fans know when high-demand items, such as Kylighters, come back in stock.