Kylie Jenner wishes that Tyga would simply move on already, having heard the rapper’s recent attempt to get under her skin with his Diss Track, “Playboy.”

Sources stress that Kylie Jenner didn’t make much of the track when she first heard it, but now that it’s receiving some airplay and that fans are beginning to pick up on the lyrics, such as Tyga claiming that an unnamed woman has it bad for him and will always come crawling back, Kylie is somewhat annoyed.

It’s obvious to her that the song is about her since Kylie Jenner reconciled with the father-of-two on multiple occasions during their two years together, and fans are well aware of this.

Horrified dissed by Tyga

Jenner thinks that her ex-boyfriend is trying to mock her and subsequently hopes to use their breakup for his forthcoming album.

Kylie Jenner isn’t a punching bag, and she certainly won’t stand for it, a source tells Hollywood Life, adding that the social media fanatic wants nothing more than for Tyga to move on with her life and stop writing songs that are subliminally aimed at her.

It’s been three months since their split, and since then, Kylie Jenner has already found herself in a new relationship with Travis Scott while she continues to build a bigger brand through the act of launching a new cosmetics line, starring in her own spin-off show, and working on a new clothing line.

So, while Tyga is busy writing songs with his goal being to allegedly hurt Kylie Jenner, she’s busy working and keeping her mind away from the drama regarding her ex-boyfriend.

If there’s one thing that the 19-year-old would want from Tyga, it would be for him to get over their breakup and move on with his life.

“Kylie has no intention of responding to Tyga over his ‘Playboy’ track. She’s moved firmly on from him, and she’s all about Travis these days. She thinks Tyga needs to get over it and get a life of his own,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

Public breakup not phasing Kylie

It’s somewhat pathetic that Tyga would use his former flame’s name in order to stir controversy and keep himself mentioned in the press, another source adds, but Kylie Jenner didn’t seem to have expected any less from the father-of-one, who she’s certain to never reconcile with in the future.

Do you think Kylie Jenner should publicly respond to the alleged diss track?

The reality star is said to be keeping a distance from Tyga, especially now that her romance with Travis Scott is turning serious. With that said, it goes without saying that Kylie Jenner is still furious over the diss track.

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