Those who live public lives often cannot deal with painful issues in private. This seems to be what is taking place regarding "General Hospital" cast member kirsten storms. The actress abruptly left her role as Maxie Jones in February. This was her 4th exit from the show. She was not replaced as she was twice in the past. There also was no reason was given for her departure. Spoiler alerts have been indicating that she would soon return but there has been no confirmed date.

Perhaps at times the public should MYOB

It's obvious that Kirsten desires to keep her private life away from her fans and she has that right.

Unfortunately, those who have been following her career for decades believe that this beloved celebrity or her employer should inform the adoring public. Most people are not being nosy but are concerned for the actors that come into their home on a daily basis for decades. In the case of Miss Storms, the false spoiler alerts and erroneous return dates make it difficult for "General Hospital" viewers to not be curious. Even so, maybe there are situations where fans should MYOB.

The rumor mill led to the Nurses Ball

The Nurses Ball takes place each year during May sweeps. During the week of preparation and then the actual event there are always surprises in Port Charles. One year Maxi's parents were at the center of the activities. Jack Wagener reprised his role as Frisco Jones and proposed to ex-wife Phylicia,(Kristina Wagener) who was also his former spouse off screen.

She turned him down and married Mac Scorpio who helped her rise Maxi and her sister Georgie while Frisco was off playing spy. This year rumors abound that Maxie would return to Port Charles and her husband Nathan during the ball.

This year rumors abound that Maxie would be back in Port Charles and her husband Nathan during the ball. There was even a spoiler alert indicating that Ms.

Storms had given an actual date of return to "General Hospital" This was most likely because after Nathan received a phone call from his wife he said she would be home a few weeks later.

That would have brought Ms. Jones back in time for the Nurse Ball. This, however, did not take place. Today is May 30th, the ball is over and Maxie continues to be a no-show in Port Charles.

Eventually, one of the three scenarios will take place. Kirsten Storms will indeed reprise her role, it will be recast or Maxie will stay in Portland. Fans will just have to wait it out until Ms. Storms or representatives from "General Hospital" decide to let the fans know.

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