Maddie Ziegler, as well as her younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler, has made her feelings toward Lifetime's hit Reality TV show "Dance Moms" very clear. She has said it was the worst and that it is just a mess. But now that the show has a new dance coach running things, it seems as though she has new hope for the fate of the show and the dancers who remain on it.

What all did Maddie say on how she feels about the new dance coach, Cheryl Burke?

When ET asked the former "Dance Moms" star on how she felt about Cheryl Burke being the new leader of the dance pack, she didn't hesitate to respond with nothing but good things.

She stated that she really believes that Burke is going to bring light and happiness to the show and completely change the vibe, in a good way.

She said that the girls all really love her so far and that the new Lifetime coach seems to really care for all the girls. She's really excited for the girls and the show and she can't wait to see where this new chapter takes them.

Maddie also stated that she's actually low-key been a huge fan of Burke after seeing her on "Dancing With The Stars." Thus, leading her to believe that her leadership will be a success on the show.

When ET asked what Maddie had to say about Abby Lee Miller and her prison sentencing, she stated that she did not have anything to say. But if you want to know how Maddie really feels about Abby, just read her book that she's just recently released called "The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir".

How is Maddie's professional life going after leaving "Dance Moms"

Maddie Ziegler's professional career has taken off since she's left the Lifetime show. She has been in a few movies like "Ballerina," "The Book of Henry," and has guest-starred on many TV shows. In fact, fans got to see Maddie's career take off before she and her younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, even left the show.

Maddie still dances regularly at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Los Angeles, CA. How she does this without running into Abby? Who knows. But considering Miller is set to serve an almost year-long prison sentence, it probably hasn't been too much of a problem.

Maddie has also found time to have a long-distance boyfriend named, Jack Kelly.

It's not clear how the two youngsters met, but considering Maddie lives in the US and Jack lives in Australia, it is obvious that the two care for each other very much.

When asked about her boyfriend, Maddie stated that they're taking things slow. She realizes that she's only fourteen and is still a child and has much to learn.

It is apparent that Maddie has a certain high level of maturity about her. In conclusion, it seems as though Maddie and her family made the right choice when they decided to leave "Dance Moms."

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