Kendall Jenner has remained mum about the real status of her relationship with A$AP Rocky. Despite the fact that she is yet to label their relationship, rumors are making the rounds that they are already engaged.

Fans of Kendall Jenner have been wondering if she is really in a serious relationship with A$AP Rocky, since she has not labelled their relationship at all. But, there is no doubt that she is happy with him, as it can be seen in the pictures which were taken while they spend time together.

Kendall Jenner engaged to A$AP Rocky, wears the same diamond ring

According to a recent report from Teen Vogue, rumors are making the rounds that Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky are finally engaged. The rumored couple was reportedly spotted wearing matching diamond rings during their outing in the big apple.

Jenner and the rapper were seen leaving the apartment of Kanye West together when the insiders spotted the bling ring. Another report from Daily Star revealed that the TV reality star was not wearing the ring a few days ago when she uploaded the photo on her Instagram account.

There is no doubt that Jenner has remained quiet about her relationship with the rapper. It can also be remembered how secretive Jenner was when she was linked to the former One Direction member, Harry Styles.

Until now, Styles and Jenner have never confirmed the reports that they dated.

Jenner finds time for love despite her busy schedule in "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" show

In a report from The Inquisitr, Jenner's busy schedule will not stop her from spending time with her rumored boyfriend, Rocky. The "Phoenix" star has made Jenner very happy, which is why she is head over heels with him.

Rocky also feels the same way towards the Victoria's Secret angel. As of this writing, Rocky is reportedly busy promoting his new music album, while Jenner continues to do her jobs in New York.

Although Jenner and Rocky have hectic schedules, the couple has reportedly managed to find time for each other. The relationship works for Jenner since she does not want to be tied up in a relationship.

Reports claimed that Jenner loves the freedom she gets in their relationship, which is something that the both of them desire. As for them, communication is the key to making things between them work out.

Reports claimed that Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky talk to each other every day even if they are not together. The rumored couple uses social media to stay in touch all the time they are away.