"Locker room talk" is inevitable among guys. However, celebrities usually watch what they say, considering the fact that something they say or do can make viral headlines in seconds. This didn't phase Travis Scott, who was very open about his opinion of the #Jenner sisters' performances in bed. Travis' belief that #Kylie is better in bed than #Kendall went viral.

Kendall and Travis?

Travis' statement came as a shock to many, as several people were unaware that Kendall and Travis were ever a "thing." However, sources say that the two were more a fling rather than a committed relationship, which is why it failed to make big headlines.

As recently as a year ago, Kendall and Travis were spotted together at several social events. The "casual fling" seemed to be just enough for Travis to judge her performance in bed.

Replacing Tyga

Kylie dated rapper Tyga on and off for several years. After their split, Kylie was quick to get back in the dating game. For this reason, this relationship has created a lot of buzz and people are wondering if the relationship is genuine considering another statement Travis has made. Sources say that Travis once said, "Kylie’s so intent on replacing Tyga, she’s not realizing she’s making a dangerous mistake" and has also made comments about "trading up" Kylie for her sister Kourtney. Joking or not, Travis' unfiltered comments have people talking, and is resulting in people not taking his brand new relationship seriously.

Getting it on

Sources say that Kylie and Travis are always "getting it on," no matter the day or time. A source says, "He’s been boasting that Kylie’s way better in bed than Kendall and has more to play with, but Kendall’s got more personality" and that "They are having the best sex ever at all times of the day."

Relationship goals

Inside sources say that Kylie is enjoying her time with Travis, and is never worried or suspicious that Travis is hiding things from her like she often was with Tyga.

She feels as though this is her first "real and healthy" relationship as an adult. Kim #Kardashian told Andy Cohen on his show, "Watch What Happens Live," that she is happy that Kylie and Tyga ended things. She said that Kylie was always stressed and involved in drama when dating Tyga, but has not had any drama since they broke up.

“They are enjoying spending a lot of time together and they are actually learning a lot from each other too,” the inside source revealed to OK! Magazine.