Could Katy Perry actually be a witch? A pair of Nuns in the Los Angeles area have recently accused her of practicing witchcraft, Raw Story reports. Whether or not the Los Angeles nuns accusation that the singer is actually a devil worshiper, however, is up for debate.

How has the internet responded?

A few individuals have shared videos and stories on Twitter supporting what the Los Angeles nuns have said and even pushed the matter a little further claiming Perry was also a member of the Illuminati. The belief is that the singer had to be a member of the Illuminati, otherwise, why would Katy want to purchase the home where Charles Mason’s family was murdered – and where regular ritual sacrifices were believed to be performed?

Why has she been accused, anyway?

It was not until after the pair of nuns learned that Katy Perry wanted to purchase their former convent located in Los Angeles that they accused her of being a witch and practicing witchcraft. Rose Catherine Holzman and Rita Callanan believe the $14.5 million mansion belongs to them. They also believe Katy should not be permitted to purchase the property because she has an “anti-Catholic lifestyle” and practices witchcraft.

The nuns claim to be both “disgusted” and “sickened” by the idea of a person such as Katy Perry purchasing the property the nuns once called their convent – given her strong link to witchcraft. The nuns have even gone as far as asking Pope Francis and the Signatura, the Vatican’s highest judicial authority, to aid in their attempts to prevent Katy Perry from becoming the new owner of the property.

How has Katy Perry responded?

Naturally, the biggest question a lot of people have about this story is simple – how does Katy Perry feel about being accused of being a witch? Raw Story claims the singer has not made any sort of response to the nuns claiming she is a witch and practices witchcraft. Considering the fact that she just broke up with her boyfriend of a year – Orlando Bloom – chances are pretty good Katy is pretty busy. It is highly likely she just doesn’t have the time or the patience to respond to such a bizarre accusation.