Kathy Griffin's controversy over her bloody depiction of the US president refused to die down even after she offered her sincerest apology to the public a couple of days after the photo was uploaded. In fact, renowned personalities from the media and politics condemned the act and slammed the female comedian for beheading Donald Trump in her photo shoot session with Tyler Shields.

Trump slams Griffin for 'sick' photo

Griffin failed to mention the US leader in her video message. Hence, Donald thought the comedian was not being sincere when she apologized for her wrongdoing. The president also lambasted the TV personality for scaring his children, particularly Barron, over her bloody depiction of their father.

Melania, on the other hand, questioned Griffin's mental state for coming up with a "disturbing" idea.

The first family was supported by both their supporters and detractors who thought the photo was inappropriate and horrifying. In the wake of the issue, Griffin lost her job on CNN's New Year's Eve program with Anderson Cooper. Her co-host, just like many of us, was "appalled" when he saw Trump's decapitated head in the photo.

Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, said the act was "vile and wrong," insisting that no one should joke about the president's death.

'Mocking the Mocker in Chief'

After she personally uploaded the controversial photo on social media, Griffin explained she was just "mocking the Mocker in Chief." Shields, who is known for his bizarre and shocking photos, thought the comedian intended to target the president in the photo shoot session.

In fact, the "Suddenly Susan" actress reportedly said she is not afraid to "get political" for the collaborative project.

Griffin even joked about leaving the US after her photo will be released. While both parties have spoken up about the issue, the female comedian is still receiving thousands of hate comments on her social media accounts over the same issue.

Hence, the TV personality, along with Atty. Lisa Bloom, held a press conference to counter these criticisms from the public and from the first family.

The lawyer explained her client's controversial photo was made to make fun of the president's remarks about Megyn Kelly.

Griffin, on the other hand, branded the US leader a "bully" and that she has never experienced something like this before. "I'm a woman in a very male-dominated field," she said. "I love what I do. I love making people laugh more than anything in the world."

She, however, acknowledged that something is wrong about the photo. The comedian also said she feels "horrible" for committing such act and added that she would "redo the whole thing" if she could only turn back time.

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