Kathy Griffin is currently the subject of online trolls after her bloody depiction of the US president in a photo shoot session with Tyler Shields. In the viral photo, the comedian was seen holding up an effigy of Donald Trump's decapitated head with blood running out from his eyes.

Griffin personally uploaded the image and said that she was just "mocking the Mocker in Chief." But as expected, the disturbing imagery caught the attention of people from all walks of life. Both supporters and detractors of Trump slammed the comedian for her gory representation of the US leader.

Similarly, members of the media were surprised by the inappropriate act.

'I beg for forgiveness'

The "Suddenly Susan" actress immediately offered an apology to those who took offense of the controversial photo. In a video message uploaded Tuesday, Griffin acknowledged her mistake and offered her sincerest apology to the public. The comedian, however, refused to mention and apologize to the president in the 30-second clip.

Trump, on the other hand, fired back at the comedian for putting his family in a difficult situation. The US leader said his children, particularly Barron, were greatly affected by Griffin's "sick" idea. His first lady, Melania, has also spoken up and questioned the mental health of the female comedian.

CNN has decided to terminate their contract with Griffin who regularly hosts their New Year's Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper in the wake of the controversy. Similarly, Cooper said he was "appalled" after seeing his co-host's "disgusting and completely inappropriate" photo of the president.

'Comedians are the last voice of truth'

Jim Carrey came to Griffin's defense and said that comedians are supposed to cross that imaginary line at all times. He added that they are the "last line of defense" when a renowned personality like Trump is doing "crazy things" before the public.

Larry King also defended the female comedian over her depiction of the US leader.

In a social media post, the veteran TV and radio host said he is surprised that a lot of people are still attacking Griffin even after she offered her apology.

After causing outrage among the public, Griffin is scheduled to attend a press conference on Friday, June 2, to talk about the controversial photo and explain her side of the story. Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, said the female comedian will finally answer to the "bullying" of the first family.

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