It's no secret that "Dance Moms" and Abby Lee Miller put Maddie Ziegler's name on the map. Sia's "Chandelier" music video has definitely catapulted her to stardom. After their mega-successful collaboration, "The Book of Henry" actress and the Australian superstar teamed up a few more times and formed a close bond. Now, the former Abby Lee Dance Company Elite Competition member hinted that they will be working on another project together.

Maddie Ziegler took to Twitter to tell her followers that she will be answering questions from "The Book of Henry" official Twitter account using the #AskTheBookOfHenry hashtag.

As expected, fans threw out all kinds of questions for the 14-year-old American dancer, actress, and model to answer.

Another Maddie-Sia collaboration happening soon?

One fan asked if she and Sia are working on a project together and Maddie Ziegler did not beat around the bush. It has been confirmed that she and the 41-year-old singer-songwriter, record producer, and music video director are indeed working on something. However, the former ALDC member noted that she can't say anything about it for the time being.

Maddie Ziegler has always been vocal as to how close she is with Sia after working with her in a couple of her music videos.

The "Ballerina" actress even became a part of the "Elastic Heart" chart topper's dance crew in her highly successful tour last year.

Maddie shares the price of success

Meanwhile, "The Book of Henry" actress previously revealed that it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies on her way from the bottom to the top. Abby Lee Miller's former student shared that she dealt with fake friends before who were trying to pull her down and make her feel bad about herself while she was aspiring to be a better dancer and person.

"I learned at a very young age that not everyone is your true friend and not everyone is going to like you," Maddie Ziegler shared to J-14 at the time. "One girl in our group would say mean things to me like, 'Why are you wearing your hair like that?,' or 'Your outfit's ugly." It was hard to handle for a young girl who is trying to fit in.

Despite these mean and unnecessary comments, Maddie remained confident and strong. Now, the famous teen has added actress, model, writer, and businesswoman to her already impressive resume, making her one of the most successful and sought-after stars coming from a reality television series like "Dance Moms."