Last night on a new episode of "Kate Plus 8" the viewers noticed that Collin Gosselin is back again. This made everyone wonder if Collin is back to living at home with the family or what is going on with him. People was able to figure out why Collin was there and share some details.

Is Collin Gosselin back home again?

During this episode, they were having a family game night, and Collin Gosselin was there playing right along with his brothers. Everyone was shocked to see him considering that Collin has been living in a home that will help him with his issues with "anger." Collin hasn't been on a few episodes, so it was odd to see him back again.

Everyone hoped that this meant that Collin was back home again, but it turns out that isn't the case.

An insider shared that some of the footage from this season of "Kate Plus 8" has aired out of order. This part was filmed a long time ago and was before Collin left. It doesn't sound like he is back home again just yet. On this current season of "Kate Plus 8," they didn't share at all about Collin or what was going on. Kate has talked to the press about it, and Jon has spoken out saying he doesn't even know where his son is at and doesn't get to see him at all.

Kate Gosselin has been very open about the fact that she has Collin in a home to get help due to his "special needs." Kate feels like she has made the right decision for him.

At this time, nobody knows when or if Collin will be moving back home with his family. It has to be hard to be away from his siblings and his mom, but Kate feels like it was the right decision for her son. You can't fault Kate for being a good mom.

Are you shocked to hear that Collin Gosselin is still gone from home? Do you think that Kate is making the right decision by not having him at home?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Fans are hopeful that if "Kate Plus 8" is renewed that Collin will end up being back on the show again. If not, hopefully, Kate Gosselin will at least continue to give updates on how he is doing.