There are far too many good things one can say about Dave Grohl. It doesn’t matter whose name you try and pin to that label, because Grohl will out-nice them every time. The former Nirvana drummer and now frontman of one of rock’s biggest acts, Foo Fighters, has again made headlines after sending a touching note to the husband of a fan who died after a long battle with cancer.

Laura Plane, a teacher from Devon, UK and longtime Foo Fighters fan, died after a “heroic” battle with cancer in May. Her husband, Jon, remembers her as a relentless campaigner and fundraiser throughout.

Grohl was quick to make sure Jon didn’t have to go through the mourning process alone, so he pulled off another “Good Guy Grohl” move.

Jon & Laura – ‘Everlong’

The couple, having been huge fans of the band for more than decade, danced to "Everlong" when they wed. They were scheduled to attend a Foo Fighters show this year to celebrate their anniversary, but according to Jon, Laura had become too unwell.

After Laura’s death, Jon reached out to the Foos on Twitter, asking if they could dedicate “Everlong” to his late wife. His request unexpectedly went viral and gained over 12 million retweets. It didn't take long for Grohl to notice, so he wrote a note on a piece of paper, telling the widow he'll remember them at Glasto, happening later this month.

Good-guy Grohl

Grohl, 48, has long earned his good-guy rep, thanks to a bunch of people who shared their Grohl moments on social media.

Once in a while, reports would surface about the ex-Nirvana drummer’s good deeds, but perhaps the most prominent “nice guy” anecdote to Grohl’s name was when he recognized a fan with cerebral palsy at a Foo Fighters show. The fan sent photos of her to the Foos dancing to their songs, and Grohl spent a couple of minutes chatting with her after the show.

At a later Queens of the Stone Age gig (he was sitting in on drums), he recognized her again, and invited her to attend their video shoot the next day. The guy really is nice, even when nobody’s documenting it on camera.

Foo Fighters at Glastonbury 2017

On Saturday night, Foo Fighters will headline the Pyramid stage for the first time. The band will be playing on June 24 from 9.45pm to 11.45pm. The Foos always bang out the hits, so expect fan favorites and “Everlong” to finish the show, dedicated to Laura Plane.

Earlier this month, the band surprise-released "Run," a song that is as melodic as it is monstrously heavy.