Jim Bob Duggar and Gil Bates share many similarities between them. They are both known to be dedicated to their branch of Christianity, and they also have extraordinarily huge families. 19 kids each, to be exact. Moreover, they are both American household names because of their hit reality shows, "19 Kids and Counting" (now "Counting On") and "Bringing Up Bates."

Duggar vs. Bates basketball game

That's why fans are excited to know if there's a possibility that the two families will be seen together on television soon. Crossover rumors escalated last week when the Duggar patriarch was spotted with the Bates dad at a basketball game in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Jim Bob and Gil were photographed cheering on their sons, who were playing at the basketball camp organized by the New Heights Baptist Church. It was reported that cameras were seen following the reality stars around, although it was unclear whether it was a film crew or simply an event videographer.

Did Michelle Duggar just tease a crossover?

Just yesterday, Michelle Duggar might have just hyped up the Duggar-Bates crossover rumors when she posted another picture of Jim Bob and Gil Bates together. The two posed beside the statue of Robert Wadlow, known as the world's tallest man. The photo was presumably taken at the Spiece Fieldhouse for the same basketball camp.

Fans quickly jumped in on the exciting possibility, commenting how much they miss seeing the two families in one show.

"We need to protest all this crap and get them back on air full force. The whole family!" one fan commented on Michelle's post.

As Duggar fans know, Jim Bob and Gil are longtime friends. The Bates family used to appear as recurring guests in "19 Kids and Counting," before they were given their own reality show by TLC.

In 2012, Gil Bates and his 19 children starred in "United Bates of America," which only ran for one season.

Their spin-off show on UP TV, "Bringing Up Bates," focuses on the family's new adventures now that the older kids have gotten married and started their own families as well.

Meanwhile, Jim Bob Duggar has somewhat taken a backseat when it comes to reality TV. TLC canceled "19 Kids and Counting" at the height of Josh Duggar's scandal in 2015.

Now, Jim Bob and Michelle appear from time to time in their daughters' spin-off show, "Counting On."

Do you think it's possible for the Duggars and Bates to appear in the same show again? Sound off your comments below!