"General Hospital" is going to give the viewers another week of mystery, as danger and romance arrive in the life of the characters in the hit ABC drama. The new episode will show that Sonny will be in danger once more, while Griffin enjoys a new romance.

According to a recent report from TV Overmind, Sonny and Carly will find themselves in danger in the next episode of "General Hospital." Sam and Jason reportedly know that Sonny could face a possible danger, which is why they will try to warn him.

Sonny and Carly in danger; Jason and Sam fight because of his decisions

New reports unveiled that Sonny and Carly will be heading to an island together in the next episode of "General Hospital" so they can finalize their divorce.

Danger creeps up on the soon-to-be ex-couple and nobody will be able to reach and warn Sonny. This is the reason why Jason wants to leave town and follow them just to let them know about it. However, Sam will be unhappy about his sudden decision to go out of town alone.

Unfortunately, Jason's decision to save Sonny and Carly will leave Sam in tears. Sam will reportedly feel that Jason is not concerned about her safety unlike how he feels for his friends. Sam is unhappy and saddened by the fact that her husband would not listen to her the way he used to.

It seems like things will not get better for Sam anytime soon, as she will have visions of Jason with a bloody face, which makes her worry very much for Jason's safety. She is still unwilling to confess that she has been seeing things to Jason because she is not yet ready to share these strange events with her husband.

Sam is afraid because Jason might think she is crazy, but in her mind, she is also thinking about telling Jason anyway, so he will finally understand where her fears are coming from.

Griffin Munro falls in love with Serena Baldwin

On the other side of the story, Celebrity Dirty Laundry unveiled that Griffin has finally fallen in love with Serena Baldwin.

He is interested in spending time with the newcomer in town, as she finally arrives in Port Charles. The publication revealed that seeing Serena and Griffin together will be a great story.

Meanwhile, Ned and Olivia will finally pick the date and venue for their upcoming wedding. Ned will be changing his surname so that the couple will finally become Mr.

and Mrs. Quartermaine after the wedding.

The hit TV drama, "General Hospital" airs during weekdays on the ABC network.

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