The season of "Counting On" has come to an end and the fans can't wait to find out when the Duggars will be back on television once again. The season ended with Jinger Duggar's wedding and the announcement that Joy-Anna Duggar's boyfriend Austin had plans to propose to her. The new season will show Joy-Anna's proposal and of course how Jinger is doing with her married life.

Details about when you can see the Duggar family on television once again

The show "Counting On" is returning, but it isn't going to be soon enough to make the viewers happy.

They want to see the Duggars every single week, but for now, they are going to have to wait a bit. So far, the only news that has been shared is that "Counting On" will be coming back this summer. An exact date hasn't been shared. That probably means it won't be back until at least June and possibly later than that before the Duggars are back on television. This will be happening in 2017 and over the summer, so at least fans know that much about when the show "Counting On" will return again.

The next season of this show is going to be full of love. Joy-Anna Duggar will be seen getting engaged, and one of the boys is now courting. Jinger just got married, and Jessa just had a new baby. Jill and Derick Dillard are actually expecting their second child as well.

This should be a great season full of a lot of changes for the entire Duggar family. Josh and Anna are also expecting another child, but you will probably only get to see what is going on with Anna because so far they are still not showing Josh on the show at all.

The Duggars are sharing on their Facebook page and "Counting On" has also been sharing.

They are just saying a new season is coming back, but aren't saying when it will be here. TLC usually puts off sharing a date until it is almost time for the new season. It could be a month or more before they announce it, but the viewers can't wait to see the Duggars on television once again. They are showing full episodes on if you missed some of the other episodes or just want to see them once again.

There were a few rumors that the show got canceled, but it turns out that is not true at all, and they will be coming back again. The fans are really happy to hear this news.

Are you excited for a new season of "Counting On" with the Duggar family? What are you the most excited about seeing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC.