Beyonce and Jay-Z's Twins have arrived! Beyonce and husband Jay-Z welcomed their twins last Monday. The gender of the babies are unknown, however, it has been widely speculated that the couple was expecting a son and daughter.

Another set of celebrity twins born in 2017

Mother and babies remain hospitalized due to a "minor issue" which surfaced following the birth according to TMZ reports. The site states that an inside source close to Beyonce and Jay-Z's family revealed that an undisclosed "minor issue" added extra hospital stay days because Bey's doctors did not feel comfortable sending the family home just yet.

Blue Ivy becomes a big sister

We do not know just what type of issues have lengthened the hospital stay, but we are sure Beyonce doesn't mind the extra rest time. Everyone is expected to be okay and will most likely be released any day now. Big sister Blue Ivy probably can't wait to get her new baby siblings home and help mom take care of the newest family members.

As previously reported, Beyonce and Jay-Z announced last February that they were expecting twins. The Carter Twins are not the only celebrity twins born this year so far. On June 6th actor George Clooney and wife Amal also welcomed a son, Alexander and daughter Ella. George and Amal are first-time parents and reveal how they chose the names of their children.

George says he named son Alexander after Alexander the Great and daughter Ella after Ella Fitzgerald, who was a dear friend of his late aunt, Rosemary Clooney. Both sets of celebrity parents are going to be extremely busy over the summer with their double bundles of joy. Beyonce and Jay-Z are already experienced parents, but for George and Amal, it is a brand new experience.

Fans are very anxious to get a look at both sets of celebrity twins. George and Amal headed to England after the birth and are settling into parenthood nicely according to George's dad Nick. This is great news, as some fans questioned how George would adapt to such a huge change of lifestyle. Clooney, over the past three years has really altered his life.

The actor had previously claimed he would never marry, nor have children has now done both. It will be exciting for his fans to watch George's new role as a father progress.

Nick Clooney told Good Morning Britain after the birth, that the twins are "beautiful." He said "George will be an absolutely wonderful father" and that "Amal will be—and already is—a magnificent mother."

Congratulations to both Beyonce and Jay-Z and George and Amal on the arrival of their twins..