Wes’s death in How to Get Away With Murder’s previous season has left Laurel completely and severely damaged until she was willing to take matters into her own hands by attempting to kill the person she thought responsible. But while she was hell-bent on taking on the Mahoneys, the show's Season 3 finale has revealed, however, that contrary to Laurel’s belief that Wes’s biological relatives were responsible for his death — it was, in fact, her own father who actually ordered the puppy-eyed law student killed.

Risks for Laurel

How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 is expected to reveal the details on how Laurel will find out about Wes’s real murderer — and how she is to deal with the unimaginably devastating pain that comes along with discovering the truth that her father killed the father of her unborn child, considering all the tragedy that she has already been through.

Laurel in the Psych Ward

Actress Karla Souza, who plays the role of Laurel in How to Get Away With Murder Season 4, previously revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she believes Laurel will likely end up in the psychiatric ward. The mere thought of Wes being killed by a stranger she's never met before was already unbearable for her — and the ultimate reveal that it was actually her very own father who was responsible for taking the life of her unborn child’s dad might just be more than what Laurel could ever bear.

Laurel has, in the past, revealed how her mother ended up in a psychiatric ward after the seemingly horrible things she has gone through because of Laurel’s father, and HTGAWM Season 4 might shed more light on this part of her life later in the season.

Could Laurel possibly share the same fate as her mother?

Will Connor Stay?

The nonstop drama in the lives of Annalise's Keating Five has taken its toll on Connor, who, at one point, almost turned on Annalise. Recent rumors concerning the show's forthcoming Season 4 claim Connor might try to run away from everything this season — and with him, we might just find Oliver, who also seemed to have had enough of everything that Annalise has put them through.

Michaela and Asher

HTGAWM’s fourth season is also expected to show Michaela and Asher’s deepening relationship, and how their bond will help them pull through all the trials that await them in the HTGAWM Season 4.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 is expected to air in the fall of this year.