'How to Get Away With Murder' season 3 just keeps getting crazier. As if Annalise Keating struggling to survive in prison isn't enough reason to watch the TV show, last week's episode just added more mystery. Episode 13, "It's War", revealed a new suspect to Wes Gibbin's death -- and he's the unlikeliest of murderers. One of the Keating 5 was at the lawyer's home minutes before it was burned down, adding more mystery to Wes' horrible death. Did Connor kill him?

Suspects revealed: Nate, Frank, and Connor

Wes, played by actor Alfred Enoch, unexpectedly died in the current season of the show to fans' shock.

After learning he actually is the son of millionaire Wallace Mahoney, things all turned sour for the second year law student. His body was later found burnt dead at Annalise's home, leading the DA to accuse Miss Keating as the main suspect to her student's death.

With the lawyer-slash-professor in jail, many had Annalise's former right-hand Frank as Wes' killer. But as far as flashbacks go, Frank was not at Keating's home when the student's death happened. Then there's Nate Lahey, Annalise's on-again-off-again lover. Past episodes prove that Nate was at the house and had a brief chat with Wes before his death. But fans believe it's unlikely he'll in danger Gibbins, more so kill him.

Then, just before the last episode ended, another suspect was added to the mix -- Connor Walsh.

A part of the Keating 5 and Wes' not-so-friend, Connor was revealed to be at Annalise's home and was even resuscitating Gibbins. This also confirms Nate's revelation that Nate did not die in the house fire. But could Connor really be the suspect who killed Wes? Seems unlikely. But HTGAWM is known for having the craziest plot twists.

Did Annalise kill Wes?

While Annalise is in the middle of all the chaos with the DA hell-bent on putting her to jail, or worse on death row, she continues to claim innocence. Keating is as badass a lawyer as they come, but having looked out for Wes almost all his life, it's almost impossible for her to plan the death of Christophe (Wes' real name).

This is not to say all her past skeletons aren't creeping up to haunt her now. With all her dirty tactics, her past enemies could have come back to make her pay.

Finding out #WhoKilledWes is probably the most wrenching plot of the show yet, and fans only have to wait a few more days to find out who the sneaky murderer is. The two-hour 'How to Get Away With Murder' season 3 finale is set to air on Friday, Feb 23, on ABC.