Fans were shocked on June 21 when they caught word that Bella Thorne and Scott Disick were hanging out again. The two were speculated to be dating when pictures emerged of them looking cozy with one another. However, their relationship seemed to be nothing more than a hook-up at most. Fans are wondering: what does this mean for the two now?

The two were assumed to be together after images were released during their time in Cannes

Bella went with Scott on a trip to Cannes where their yacht lounging and cuddling fueled rumors that the two were together.

However, the trip later turned into a disaster as, when partying, Bella found out Scott kissed five other women. The 19-year-old felt uncomfortable in the situation and left, stating that Disick parties too hard for the likes of her. However, she did let it be known that everything was good between them after the trip.

Scott sent Bella Thorne a bouquet of flowers after the Cannes incident in order to win back her favor. There has been no comment on the pink roses Thorne was sent. However, since the two have been seen hanging out together again, it appears as if Scott has won the 19-year-old over again.

Bella Thorne says that they are just friends

Bella Thorne recently posted a picture of herself hanging out in Scott Disick's home in Hidden Hills, CA.

She also took a picture of one of her friend's pool lounging but fans have noticed that the pool looks identical to Scott Disick’s pool. The star probably thought she could get away from the speculation by taking pictures in the garden and by the poolside but, according to TMZ; the proof is in the pictures.

However, according to Hollywood Life, Bella is not interested in a relationship with Scott Disick anymore.

An insider source has revealed that the star has sworn off Disick and that she just wants to be friends. Bella stated that the two are simply hanging out together. Either Disick is playing the field or he truly is stuck in the friend zone.

It is possible that their fling is continuing or that the two have chosen to remain friends.

Whatever their decisions are, Bella Thorne has expressed that there is no bad blood between the two. Scott Disick split from wife Kourtney Kardashian last year and, since then, the famous party animal has been seen with multiple different women.