Netflix has yet to announce the return of house of cardsSeason 6, but fans are expecting to hear the renewal news anytime soon. On its return, things will surely be pretty intense now that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) left his presidential seat.

To recall, the previous season ended with a big threat now that Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) announced her own presidency. “My turn,” she said while standing behind the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk.

A confusing ending

The final episode of the show’s fifth season left a lot of unanswered questions.

Now that Frank Underwood is no longer the U.S.

President, Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) is gone, and the death of Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell) is not confirmed, fans want to know what will happen next in “House of Cards” Season 6.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the show’s executive producers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson revealed that they originally wanted to end the previous season in a confusing manner. They, too, planned its conclusion to possibly be its series finale.

Pugliese explained that if a show has to end, then there will be a way to close it. However, there will always be a plan if the series has to keep going. “I think you could argue that it really could go either way,” he said. He also added that they are happy to leave their viewers wanting to see more of the political drama web series.

Claire’s presidency

Moreover, although Netflix has yet to announce the coming of “House of Cards” Season 6, its cast and crew are hopeful that the show will return.

In fact, in another interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Robin Wright teased that things are going to be complicated but far interesting, especially the life of Frank Underwood.

Of course, it will also be fascinating to see what will happen next to her character as Claire Underwood.

“I would personally like her to be the greatest president we've ever had,” the 51-year-old actress said. It will be a brand new story for fans to see how the former First Lady manages to get and achieve things she has been longing for.

Frank's plans

To recall, Frank Underwood resigned as the U.S. President to gain more power in the “public sector.”

Claire Underwood, therefore, takes over the new head of state. However, the former commander-in-chief is still “pulling the strings” with the help of Jane Davis. Later, Neve Campbell's character meets with a car accident as the former leader stands watching. A wrecked vehicle was seen, but not LeAnn's body.