house of cards” star Robin Wright teased yesterday that President Donald Trump and his administration were ruining the Netflix Original series. Wright teased Trump’s administration has been so controversial that they haven’t left any good political drama untouched for the writers to use for Season 6 of the series. Could the drama and controversy behind Trump’s administration really cause Season 6 of “House of Cards” to be subpar by comparison?

She teased Trump stole their ideas

It was during an interview at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday in France that Robin Wright decided to tease the current POTUS of the United States, who appears to be ripping off the plot line of “House of Cards” in regards to the way he was handling his administration.

Trump has been extremely controversial

As those who have followed the POTUS thus far know, drama and controversy have continued to swirl during his entire presidency thus far. This includes recent reports that Donald Trump may have revealed classified information to Russian Officials. This particular presidential drama really started to heat up when former FBI Director James Comey was asked to end the investigation he was performing into Michael Flynn. It wasn’t too long after this request was made that Trump fired Comey.

Robin opened up about who should be the next POTUS

During the interview, Robin also talked about how anxious she is to think about four – or possibly eight – more years of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

She then veered off into a discussion about who she thinks should be the next POTUS. According to Robin, it is none other than Michelle Obama who should be leading the country.

Unfortunately for the “House of Cards” star and anyone else who thinks Michelle Obama should be President, she – and those close to her – have been pretty adamant about the fact that she has no interest in taking on the position.

Michelle opened up about how her husband being President already consumed eight years of her life and her family’s time. She wants to have time for her family, her children, and herself. She doesn’t want to give up another eight years of her life. As disappointing as that might be to some, it is also pretty understandable as being President is likely the equivalent of having two or three full time jobs.

Season 5 of “House of Cards” premieres on Netflix on May 30, we can only hope Donald Trump and his administration is not completely ruining the plotline!