From waiting more than a year, to a surprise April Fool's episode, to rumors of cancellation, it's official. Popular sci-fi comedy series 'Rick and Morty' will finally be returning to Adult Swim on Sunday, July 30th.

'Rick and Morty' Co-creators Announce Release Date

Yesterday evening, co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland hosted a live streaming event where they discussed the creative process in developing each episode for the show. The event generated a significant amount of hype, provided many fans speculated that this could be the platform they use to announce the show's premiere.

During the event, Roiland and Harmon mocked rumors that the show was being cancelled due to their creative differences and inability to work with each other. At one point Harmon went as far to say, "There is a built in friction to making each other millions of dollars that tends to exacerbate [problems]." After some back-and-forth about working on the show, Harmon and Roiland announced the premiere date. "We pulled it off. We f—in’ did it. Guys, right on time!" said Roiland, after which they released....

A Brand-Spanking New 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Trailer!

For those who haven't checked it out, the trailer from the event can be seen here:

'Rick and Morty' Trailer Breakdown

Now that you've watched the trailer we've got a breakdown of all the cool happenings, easters eggs, and what you should come to expect from the upcoming season.

Pickle Rick!!!

As the trailer opens up, Morty can't seem to find where Rick's omniscient voice is coming from. Rick's voice guides him to the table, to find Rick turned into a Pickle yelling that he is "Pickle Rick," which appears to be a call back to the episode "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez" where Rick becomes a younger version of himself and regularly refers to himself as "Tiny Rick".

From what can be gathered in the trailer, it appears "Pickle Rick" may fall into a sewer and be forced to survive fighting against hordes of rodents.

Summer Gets Dark

At the end of the April Fool's day premiere episode, Rick tells Morty "These are going to be the darkest days of our adventures." While things might appear to get darker for both Rick and Morty, it appears things might be getting darker for Summer as well.

In the trailer, we see Summer talking to an alien-monster on the verge of death begging for a mercy kill, too which Summer replies, "Geez, but not because you told me to." and shoots the monster in the head. Rick and Morty look on in utter surprise as Rick states "Getting darker." This likely suggests Summer will play a bigger role in this season as we see a larger development of her character. Question is, just how dark will Summer get throughout the season?

'Rick and Morty' Fighting... Theirselves?

During the trailer, we are shown Rick and Morty fighting two green versions of themselves. With the Council of Ricks now gone, where could these green Rick and Morty dopplegangers come from? Could they be ghosts-like beings created by the murdering of their own clones?

Whatever the answers to these many questions are, we now know we won't have to wait long with the new season premiering in less than a month. Stay tuned for more "Rick and Morty" related news!